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Alternate Options for SWMM6

Pump Characteristic Curve from Innovyze H2OCalc

Pump Characteristic Curve

Pump Characteristic Curve

Pump characteristic curves are usually presented graphically describing the relationship between pump head, hp, and the flow rate, Q using either an exponential equation or 3-point quadratic form. The exponential pump characteristic curve is given as

where hc = the pump cutoff head … Read the rest

Inertia of Pumps and Motors from Innovyze H2OCalc – Idea for SWMM6

Inertia of Pumps and Motors

The combined inertia of pumps and motors driving them, including the connecting shafts and couplings, is required for transient analysis associated with the starting and stopping of pumps. The equations provided below are intended to be used as an initial guide to the inertia values … Read the rest

Wave Speed in Innovyze H2OCalc – Alternative? for SWMM6

Note for SWMM6 - this may be useful for any discussion of a Slot in SWMM6.  A Preissmann Slot is used in InfoWorks ICM, XPSWMM and one of the solutions of SWMM4

Wave Speed

The wave speed, c, is influenced by the elasticity of the pipe wall. For a … Read the rest

Weirs in Innovyze H2OCalc – Alternative? for SWMM6

3.11 Weirs in Innovyze H2OCalc

Discharge in channels and small streams can be conveniently measured by using a weir. Weirs can be categorized in to two: sharp crested and broad crested.

Sharp-Crested Weir

A sharp-crested weir is a vertical plate placed in a channel that forces the liquid to flow … Read the rest

Pump Calculations in Innovyze H2OCalc – Alternative? for SWMM6

3.6 Pump Calculations in Innovyze H2OCalc

A Pump is used to augment head to the system (water distribution systems or waste water collection systems), and helps to lift water from low lying locations to a top of a hill or reservoir so that water could flow by gravity. The following … Read the rest

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