Using The Simulation Task Manager in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM_SA

Using Simulation Task Manager

Using Simulation Task Manager is simple and straightforward.

  • Enable Simulation Task Manager from the modeling software
  • Schedule the simulation task using Run Manager by using the command tools/preferences/operation Use Simulation Task Manager
  • Manage scheduled simulations from Simulation Task Manager (Note: The modeling software does not
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How InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA 2D Link and 3D Node Graphics Help You Understand the Response of Your Network to Wet Weather Flow

New InfoSWMM linked 2D Link and 3D Node graphics help you understand one of the most critical outputs in any Stormwater, Combined Sewershed or Sanitary Sewershed Network Model the value and timing of how full the pipes and nodes are over time and how this changes during Wet Weather Flow Read the rest


#SuDS in InfoWorks ICM

#SuDS in InfoWorks ICM

In InfoWorks ICM 6.5 and later the SWMM 5 LID Controls were added to the Subcatchment Grid of ICM. Here is a copy of the ICM Help File. The LID Controls are entered in the Subcatchment Grid (1), in the SuDS or LID Tab (2), it … Read the rest

From 1999 – Stormwater and Wastewater Modeling with Visual Hydro/Visual SWMM

Stormwater and Wastewater Modeling with Visual Hydro/Visual SWMM

Storm Water Management Pond Example with Manhole Flooding, Overland Flow Routing, Pond Evaporation, Pond Losses and Conduit Design.



Visual Hydro/Visual SWMM can comprehensively model storm water management systems that include mixtures of open channel and closed conduits. It can also … Read the rest

Gutter Flow in Innovyze H2OCalc

Gutter Flow

Gutters are the sections of roadway that run adjacent to the curb. Their purpose is to collect and convey surface runoff to drainage inlets and in turn to underground storm sewers. The corresponding spread of water onto the pavement, or top width of flow measured perpendicular to the … Read the rest

Flow Calculator (Simple in Innovyze H2OCalc) – Option for SWMM6?

2.3.1 Flow Calculator (Simple in Innovyze H2OCalc)

The Flow Calculator category performs hydraulic calculations for the following elements: Circular Channel, Rectangular Channel, Triangular Channel, Trapezoidal Channel, Irregular Channel, and Pressurized Pipe.

Circular Channel

The circular channel dialog box is shown below.

Input for circular channel:

  • Flow Unit – Select the
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