Product Sector Leader at Innovyze, Innovyze Enabler for InfoSWMM, ICM SWMM Networks, SWMM in ICM, A Developer of EPASWMM 3,4,5 and XPSWMM; Founder RobertDickinson.ORG, UF Gator, and Grandpa (3)

Software I currently use and support include (1) InfoSWMM, ESRI extension for the current EPA SWMM5.1.015 engine, (2) InfoWorks ICM SWMM Networks, (3) InfoWorks ICM, which has hydrology and water quality components from SWMM, and (4) XPSWMM which a custom GUI and engine using SWMM4 and SWMM5 code. Founder of SWMM5.ORG

I am a water resources engineer (you can contact me by email at robert.dickinson@gmail.com) with 44 years of experience with Stormwater Modeling, Stormwater Expert Systems, Software Development, Hydrologic Simulation and Analysis, Water Quality Modeling, and Stormwater and CSO Modeling Training.


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