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Refactoring the SWMM 5 Help File – Hydrology in SWMM5

Hydrology in SWMM5

Hydrologic Modeling Features

SWMM accounts for various hydrologic processes that produce runoff from urban areas. These include:

· time-varying rainfall
· evaporation of standing surface water
· snow accumulation and melting
· rainfall interception from depression storage
· infiltration of rainfall into unsaturated soil layers
· percolation
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Markdown of National Stormwater Calculator User’s Guide Manual

Note:  This is a Markdown experiment using EPA Documents and other documents that were originally PDF files, converted to DOCX files and then converted to Markdown HTML code.

EPA/600/R-13/085c | Revised September 2014 |

National Stormwater Calculator User’s Guide

Before After

Office of Research and Development

National Risk Management

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SWMM 5.1 Update History up to SWMM 5.1.013 and Link to New EPASWMM 5.1013 Install

SWMM 5.1 Update History

New SWMM 5.1.013 is now available

Build 5.1.013 (05/10/18)



Engine Updates:

  1. A subcatchment's depression storage depth, its pervious surface roughness

(Mannings n) and its hydraulic conductivity can now be adjusted on a

monthly basis by assigning monthly time patterns to these properties.

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