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Updated – Innovyze St Venant Solutions for InfoSWMM, InfoSewer, H2OMap SWMM and InfoWorks ICM and InfoWorks ICM SE

The assumptions behind Lumped and Distributed Models along with the assumptions of the St Venant Equations. InfoSWMMH2OMap SWMM, InfoSWMM, H2OMap SWMM, SWMM5, ICM and ICM SE are all Distributed models for Unsteady flow. InfoSWMM and InfoSWMMH2OMap SWMM have options for direct steady flow. ICM and InfoSWMM can also use a quasi steady flow solution. All of these Innovyze models use the Continuity Equation and Momentum equation for routing flows in links.

#Innovyze #InfoWater #2D: Predict Impact of #Water Spill from #WaterMain Breaks

#Innovyze #InfoWater #2D: Predict Impact of #Water Spill from #WaterMain Break #ARCMAP #rt — Robert Dickinson (@InnovyzeRobert) January 8, 2016  Robert Dickinson ‏@InnovyzeRobert Jan 8 Monrovia, CA #Innovyze #InfoWater #2D: […]


This page has very good graphics on LID and SuDS By Ana Caroline Pitzer Jacob Posted 29 de outubro de 2015 In Drenagem Urbana, Qualidade da Água, Recursos Hídricos A urbanização […]

Innovyze Releases InfoSWMM Generation V14, Spearheading New Era in GIS-Centric Smart Wastewater and Stormwater Modeling

Innovyze Releases InfoSWMM Generation V14, Spearheading New Era in GIS-Centric Smart Wastewater and Stormwater Modeling Featuring Many Key Innovative Improvements, New Release Gives Communities Groundbreaking Network Simulation Power and Full Compatibility with […]

InfoSWMM 2D Report Variables

InfoSWMM 2D Report Variables   The Junction Graph variables for 2D Depth, 2D Speed, 2D Froude Number, 2D Unit Flow, 2D Inflow, 2D Volume and 2D Angle for a InfoSWMM 2D simulation for up to 1000 years can be plotted in the Report Manager of InfoSWMM.  This is an image of the 2D inflow over a 10 year period […]

InfoSWMM 2D Layer Properties and Mesh ID

Subject:   InfoSWMM 2D Layer Properties and Mesh ID You can use the Layer Properties for layers in the Table of Contents to see the Mesh ID and other simulation data for the 2D mesh in InfoSWMM 2D.  The Mesh ID can be seen using the Labels/Label Expression command and if you use an expression you can […]

Detention Pond Infiltration and Evaporation Losses in SWMM 5

Subject:  Detention Pond Infiltration and Evaporation Losses  You can also add a storage pond infiltration and surface evaporation losses to the pond.  The surface evaporation is added to theinfiltration (computed from the green ampt parameters); a storage volume summary listing the average and maximum volume and the percent loss from the […]

How to Set Up an InfoSWMM 2D Simulation Polygon and Mesh

Subject: How to Set Up an InfoSWMM 2D Simulation Polygon and Mesh    Step 1: Create the 2D Database      Step 2: Verify the Creation of the 2D Database      Step 3: Create the background Simulation Polygon for the 2D simulation     Step 4: Create the Mesh on the 2D Simulation Polygon     Step 5: Run the […]