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SWMM5 Tutorial  
SWMM5 Tutorial SWMM5 Tutorial
SWMM5 Tutorial

Table of Contents
What's New
What's New
Features in Previous Releases
Release Notes
Installation Guide
System Requirements
Installation and Licensing
Third Party Downloads
Getting Started
Upgrade and Update InfoWater Pro
Quick Start Tutorial
Extended Tutorial 1: Fireflow Analysis
Extended Tutorial 2: Pump Energy Costing Analysis
InfoWater Pro's Online Help
How to Import an InfoWater model file into InfoWater Pro
How to Upload an InfoWater Pro model into Info360 Insight
Index of InfoWater Pro's online help documentation
Using InfoWater Pro
User Interface
ArcGIS Pro Interface
InfoWater Pro Ribbon
InfoWater Pro Model Explorer
Attribute Toolbar
InfoWater Pro Message Board
Setting Preferences and Default Values
Operation Settings
Display Settings
Default Symbols
Selection Settings
Network Trace
ID and Description
ArcGIS Online Connect
Default Values
Model Elements
Digitize Network
Edit Geometry
Model Network
Fill Pipe Connectivity
Append Nodes
Utility - Network Review
Change ID
Merge Nodes
Switch Nodes
Initial Status
Initial Quality
Simple Control
Rule-Based Control
Variable Speed Pump Control
Remote Valve Control
Domain Manager
Facility Manager
Database Management
Database Editor
Database Query
Database Query Set
Selection Set
Group Editing
Engineering Validation Manager
Scenario Management
Scenario Explorer - General
Scenario Explorer - Facility
Scenario Explorer - Dataset
Dataset Manager
Scenario Comparison
Running a Model
Run Manager
Simulation Options
Simulation Time
Simulation Report
Explicit VSP
Steady State Simulation
EPS Simulation
Water Quality
Sustainability Modeling
Pipe Break
Hydrant Curve
System Curve
Batch Simulation Manager
Analyzing Output Results
Report Manager
Tabular Report
Graph Report
Reference Graph
Graph Properties
Stored Graph
Thematic Mapping
Fireflow Run Results
Output Unit Manager
Customized Report
Query Report
Query Summation Report
Output Relate
Data Exchange
Import and Export EPANET
GIS Gateway
Import and Export Manager
ODBC Exchange
Merge Model
Real Time Data Connection
3D Display
Elevation Extractor
Hydraulic Calculator
Info360 Connect
Live Data Adapter
LDA - Bulk Import
Pipeline Costing
Project Synchronization
System Schematic
InfoWater Pro Apps
Demand Allocator Interface
Registering Layers
Importing Layers
Polygon Layer Registration
Allocating Demand
Allocation Methods
Polygon Extraction
Polygon Intersection
Geocoded Meter Billing Data
Closest Junction
Closest Pipe
Meter-Junction Allocation
Meter Summation
Import Meter Data
Meter Assignment
Edit Polygon Attribute
Create Theissen Polygon
Demand Allocation Manager - Allocation Tab
Demand Allocation Manager - Usage Data
Usage Data
Allocation Parameters
Allocation Options
Allocator Report and Water Duty Calculator
Quick Start Tutorial: Allocator
BTX Manager
InfoWater Pro BTX Overview
BTX Interface
Run Model - BTX
Trace Model - BTX
Display - BTX
Quick Start Tutorial - BTX Manager
Calibration Concepts
Calibrator: User Interface
Calibration Modes
Steady State Calibration Mode
Fire Flow Test Calibration
Extended Period Calibration
Steady State - Calibrator
Roughness Group
Junction Pressure
Demand Group
Pipe Flow
Pipe Status
Run Summary
Export Results
Fire Flow for Calibrator
Roughness Group: Fire Flow
Fire Flow Measurement
Run: Fire Flow
Run Summary: Fire Flow
Export Results: Fire Flow
Extended Period Simulation - Calibrator
Roughness of Extended Period Simulation
Junction Pressure of Extended Period Simulation
Pipe Flow of Extended Period Simulation
Tank Head/Level of Extended Period Simulation
Run of Extended Period Simulation
Run Summary of Extended Period
Export Results of Extended Period
Quick Start Tutorial - Calibrator
Criticality Assessment Manager
Introduction to InfoWater Pro Criticality Assessment Manager
InfoWater Pro Criticality Assessment Manager Overview
Criticality Assessment Manager Interface
Criticality Assessment Manager - Based on Model Elements
Criticality Assessment Manager - Based on GIS Layer Elements
Criticality Assessment Manager - Save Results CSV
Notify Affected Customers - CAM
Criticality Assessment Manager: Reports
Criticality Assessment Manager: Standard Reports
CAM Reports - Affected Category Demand
CAM Reports - Affected Total Demand
CAM Reports - Pound Facilities
CAM Reports - Pound Junctions
CAM Reports - Pound Pipes
CAM Reports - Closed Elements
CAM Reports - Isolated Junctions
CAM Reports - Low Pressure Junctions
CAM Reports - No Water Junctions
CAM Reports - Pressure Violation Junctions
CAM Reports - Velocity Violation Pipes
CAM Reports - Flow Reversal Pipes
Save Results to CSV File
Criticality Assessment Manager: Extended Reports
CAM Reports - Extended Valve Assessment Reports
Extended Reports - Affected Area Reports
Extended Reports - Detailed Element Reports
Extended Reports - Performance Reports
Quick Start Tutorial: CAM
Steady State
Designer - Input Data
Designer - Simulation
Designer - Output Report
Designer - Export
Fire Flow
Fireflow - Input Data
Fireflow - Simulation
Fireflow - Output Report
Fireflow - Export
Extended Period Simulation
Extended Period Simulation: Input Data
Extended Period Simulation - Simulation
Extended Period Simulation - Output Report
Extended Period Simulation - Export
Designer: Options
Advanced Genetic Algorithms Options
Quick Start Tutorial: Designer
IWLive Manager
NetVIEW for InfoWater Pro Overview
User Interface for NetVIEW
Export InfoWater Project to Google Earth
NetVIEW Results in Google Earth
Overview of Protector
Protector Options
CityWatch Overview
Send CityWatch Notification
Event Trace
Message Log
Quick Start Tutorial: Protector
Pump System Analyst
Pressure Zone Manager
InfoWater Pro's Pressure Zone Manager Overview
Introduction to InfoWater Pro's Pressure Zone Manager (PZM)
Getting Started with Pressure Zone Manager (PZM)
PZM Manager
Pressure Zone Wizard
Define Trace Area
Intra-zone Elements
Boundary Pipe Elements
Customize Zone Information
Pressure Zone Identification and Analysis
Pressure Zone Results - Hydraulic Profile Diagram
Pressure Zone Results - Hydraulic Profile Schema
Pressure Zone Results - Zone Summary
Pressure Zone Results - Boundary Elements
PZM Summary - Zones Summary
Quick Start Tutorial: Yourtown Example
Scheduler Overview
Scheduler Interface
Input Data
Control Group
Source Cost
Output Report
Scheduler - Output Report
Output Report - Control Schedule
Output Report - Detail Tab
Output Report - Constraint
Output Report - Summary
Components of Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Algorithm (GA)
Overview of Genetic Algorithm
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
Quick Start Tutorial: Scheduler
Hydraulic Equivalency
RST Applications
Skeletonizer Interface
Skeletonizer Options
Quick Start Tutorial: Skeletonizer
WQ Calibrator
WQ Calibrator - Overview
Water Quality Calibrator
Water Quality Calibration Options
WQ Calibration Concepts
WQ Calibration Formulation
WQ Genetic Algorithms
WQ Objective Function
WQ User Interface
Pipe Wall Coefficient Group
Junction Concentration
WQ Calibrator - Run
WQ Run Summary
WQ Calibrator - Export Results
Calibration Options - Advanced Genetic Algorithm (GA) Options
Calibration Analysis
Comparison Graph
Correlation Scatter Plot
Calibration Statistics
Quick Start Tutorial: WQ Calibrator
InfoWater Pro Suite
Multi-Species Model
Base Model
General Tab
Species Tab
Term Tab
Parameter Tab
Constant Tab
Parameters, Initial Quality, and Water Quality Source
Multi-Species Node Quality
Multi-Species Link Quality
Multi-Species Link Parameter
Multi-Species Tank Parameter
InfoWater Pro UDF
UDF Overview
UDF Configuration
Set UDF Layer
Auto Associate Hydrant
Auto Associate Valve
Import UDF Data
Edit UDF Data
Assign Emitter Coefficient
Interpolate Hydrant Elevation
Calculate Length of Hydrant Lateral
Color Code Flush Zones
Draw Hydrant-Pipe Association Linkage
UDF Options
UDF Interface
Flush Zone Statistics
Notify Affected Customers
The UDF Attribute Browser
Flush Zone Manager
Flush Zones
UDF - Flush Zone Manager
Flush Sequence Manager
Flush Sequences
Flush Sequence Manager - General Tab
Flush Sequence Manager - Operations Tab
Flush Sequence Manager - Parameters Tab
Flush Sequence Manager - Pipe Results Tab
Flush Sequence Manager - Critical Junctions Tab
Flush Sequence Manager - Notes
UDF Field Journal
Demand Analyst
DemandAnalyst Interface
Demand Analyst Workflow
Usage Partition
Edit Mapping
Demand Analyst Overview
Demand Analyst Preface
Demand Analyst tabs
Pattern Tab
Pattern Verification Tab
Meter Pattern Tab
Junction Pattern Tab
Export Pattern
Create Thiessen Polygon Layer
Meter Connection Dialog Box
InfoSurge Pro
Installation and Configuration
InfoSurge Capabilities
Methodology of InfoSurge
Fundamentals of Hydraulic Transient
Numerical Solution Methods
Hydraulic Characteristic of Valves
Hydraulic Characteristics of Pumps
Pressure Surge Control Devices
Choice of Surge Protection Strategy
Pressure Sensitive Demand
InfoSurge User Interface
InfoSurge Pipe Wave Speed
InfoSurge Pump Surge Data
InfoSurge Active Valve Data
InfoSurge Junction Demand Change Data
InfoSurge Pump Operation Change
InfoSurge Active Valve (AV) Operation Change
InfoSurge Protection Device
Surge Calculators
Identify Surge Elements
Junction Demand Change Data
Pump Operation Change
Active Valve (AV) Operation Change
Pipe Wave Speed
Surge Protection Device (SPD)
Creating Transients
Pump Operation
Pump Speed Change
Pump Startup
Pump Trip
Valve Operation
Junction Demand Change
Running a Surge Analysis
Viewing Surge Results
General Surge Modeling Tips
Frequently Asked Questions
InfoSurge Quick Start Tutorial