SWMM 5.0.021 has 16 Overall Modeling Objects

1.   General
2.   Subcatchments
3.   Nodes
4.   Links

The objects in the General category can be applied to more than one category. For example, you can simulate pollutants either at a node or at the subcatchment level.

The objects are:

1.           Gage
2.           Links
3.           Shape
4.           Transect
5.           Nodes
6.           Unit Hydrograph
7.           Time Pattern
8.           Subcatchments
9.           Snowmelt
10.                Aquifer
11.                LID
12.                Landuse
13.                Pollut
14.                Curves
15.                Time Series
16.                Controls
Figure 1.  Modeling Objects in SWMM 5.0.021

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