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InfoSWMM Designer Tutorial

Introduction to Example One

This project modified in this tutorial illustrates how Designer calculates sewer conduit size, storage volume, and pump size to meet specified design criteria at the minimum cost.

The model schematic is shown on the next page. The model contains two wastewater treatment plants (outfall110 and outfall94), … Read the rest

InfoSWMM 2D Exercises

Chapter 12 Exercises


The exercises in this chapter will give you practice in exploring some of the additional reporting features of InfoSWMM 2D.

Exercise 12A Initialize the InfoSWMM 2D Model

In this exercise, you will create a 2D Model in InfoSWMM.

1. Open the project located at C:\Training\InfoSWMM\Ch12\Ch12Start.mxdRead the rest

Steps in modeling Sediment in InfoSWMM

Steps in modeling Sediment in InfoSWMM:

  1. Use the Water Quality Tab in Run Manager and pick Sediment
  2. Select a predefined pollutant from the Operations Tab of the Attribute Browser (AB) or TSS in this example,
  3. Define the TSS or Sediment Particle Setting Velocity or Limiting Flow Velocity
  4. The Nodes will
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Creating an InfoSWMM SA Model

Chapter 3 Exercises

Creating an InfoSWMM SA Model The exercises in this chapter will give you practice building a new model by importing data from different source types and making some default settings.

Exercise 3A

In this exercise, you set up the InfoSWMM SA toolbars, create an empty model, and … Read the rest

2D Boundary Type in InfoSWMM 2D

Boundary TypeSelect a Boundary Type for the 2D Boundary polyline. Boundary type effects what happens to the flow when it reaches the boundary. Note: If it is not clear what happens at the boundary then Critical Condition type is recommended.


Available types are:

  • Vertical Wall - The boundary
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MM- Storm Water Management Model User’s Manual Version 5

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Storm Water Management Model User's Manual Version 5.1EditPreview

- -

United States
Environmental Protection

EPA/600/R - 14/4 13b
Revised September 2015 water-research

Storm Water Management Model

User's Manual Version 5.

Office of Research and Development
Water Supply and Water Resources 
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