Innovyze Releases InfoMaster Water V1.0: Next Generation of GIS-Centric Smart Asset Integrity Management and Capital Planning Software

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Releases InfoMaster Water V1.0: Next Generation of GIS-Centric Smart Asset Integrity Management and Capital Planning Software
Groundbreaking Release Leverages Engineering-GIS, Advanced Predictive Analytics and iOS Mobile Technology to Set New Standard for Water Distribution System Asset Optimization and Regulatory Compliance
Broomfield, Colorado USA, April 2, 2013 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the worldwide release of InfoMaster Water V1.0 for the enterprise management and analysis of water supply and distribution system assets. The highly anticipated release, which complements the company’s popular InfoMaster Sewer product line, represents the next generation of GIS-centric asset integrity management and capital planning software for smart water systems.
Many of the world’s drinking water distribution systems are reaching or have exceeded the end of their design lives and urgently require extensive upgrading through rehabilitation, repair, and/or replacement. As aging systems deteriorate, they become increasingly vulnerable to structural failures and are plagued by excessive leaks, drops in carrying capacity, poor water quality, and service disruptions. Age-related water infrastructure failures are commonly unexpected and catastrophic, resulting in large water losses, flooding, and local area damage.
Because of public health and safety implications, water utilities are forced to meet the challenges of keeping even such aging infrastructures up to date and efficient. This can require expenditures that exceed available funds. Making effective and economical alterations and improvements demands good investment planning based on sound analysis.
The forward-looking InfoMaster Water changes the way water utilities plan the relative phasing of system improvements by allowing them to assess both the probability and consequence of failure for each asset. It calculates the risk of each asset linearly (consequence score x probability score), using either a bi-directional distribution matrix or a more complex multi-criterion classification. This flexibility in calculation methods gives utilities unprecedented flexibility in defining risk, based on virtually any combination of supporting data. The greatest attention can then be given to water mains at highest risk. With this evaluation in hand, they can create fully prioritized short- and long-term water main rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance and management plans and develop sound, cost-effective capital programs to support them.
The InfoMaster product suite provides critical insight into all utility enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, facilitating better planning and control. It lets utilities use information and analytics in new ways to drive higher productivity and quality, while managing costs and increasing operational flexibility. The suite is available exclusively for the Esri (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS 10.x platform and includes components to run on desktop, Web, tablet and smart phone environments.
“Powerful, comprehensive and engineer-friendly, InfoMaster Water embodies Innovyze’s time-honored practice of continually adding value to its world-class software and bringing critical new infrastructure design and management capabilities to the water industry,” said J. Erick Heath, P.E., Innovyze Vice President, Director of Americas Operations. “The program’s intuitive interface, easy-to-use functionality and rich analytical, graphing and reporting capabilities save considerable resources for utilities. With minimal effort, users can quickly pinpoint assets at the greatest risk of failure, identify the best possible improvement alternatives for optimal system performance, prioritize improvements based on available budget, and realize significant cost savings.
InfoMaster revolutionizes the business analytics and optimization (BAO) landscape for water and wastewater utilities with its “out-of-the-box” approach to geospatial wet infrastructure asset management — a distinct point of differentiation from traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. While the typical enterprise software deployment requires a 12- to 18-month implementation cycle, InfoMaster can be deployed in just a day to a few weeks — creating a never-before opportunity for small to medium sized utilities to optimize network management at very low cost. Where other ERP systems are focused on electronic records management, InfoMaster is built from the ground up to provide superior business analytics and modeling capabilities. This unique approach allows utilities to manage and control for the first time the flow of both data and water for better, faster and more accurate action-oriented decision making. Because InfoMaster allows data to be organized by project, a single BAO package can be used with enormous flexibility by both the utility and its engineering consultants to manage data for multiple utilities.
Using InfoMaster Water, a water utility can manage its entire underground infrastructure directly from the Esri geodatabase. Because any analysis is only as strong as its underlying data, the solution includes direct support for all network data and associated field activities. Data can be read directly from an enterprise geodatabase; imported or linked to third-party ERP systems; or entered directly through the desktop, Web, or companion iPhone applications.
The easy-to-use InfoMaster FieldWork and InfoMaster FacilityWatch iPhone applications facilitate the collection of data in the field. Connecting directly to the InfoMaster server, they ensure secure mobile (connected or disconnected) access to enterprise asset management data and maps for entry, viewing, and updating. Each application can be administrator-customized for maximum efficiency and ease of use. In addition, InfoMaster FacilityWatch can be configured to allow access by the general public, enabling customers to submit incidents directly to the utility from their smart phones. Mobile inspectors can complete onsite inspections — from initial log-in to submittal — and view and update inspection details. The apps prevent remote data loss in areas with limited or no cellular service by saving all work locally to the device and seamlessly submitting the information when a connection is available.
“Innovyze continues to move up the technology stack into the highly innovative, high-growth business analytics and optimization (BAO) space, setting new standards for smart water networks and the digital water utility,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE. “InfoMaster introduces a very powerful and flexible business-critical decision support tool for water and wastewater utilities worldwide, giving our customers the broadest, deepest and most integrated product offerings in our 17-year history. This breakthrough technology uses geospatial and real-time data and advanced mathematical, modeling and optimization tools to help utility owner-operators find problem areas, solve infrastructure issues, help prioritize projects and investment needs, enhance security and operations, and optimize business performance. The solution can be effectively used in all phases of the asset lifecycle, from early detection and assessment of risks to long-range budgeting and planning. Our mission is to help customers solve their business challenges and produce the best, most innovative solutions. With this support, they can aim high and deliver — consistently.”

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