Additional Suite Features in InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM

The additional features supply the tools for your modeling or modelling:

1.   Dry Flow Allocation for your Sanitary or Combined Sewer Model
2.   Subcatchment Manager to estimate the impervious, slope, width and area of your Subcatchments,
3.   RDII Analyst to estimate the Infiltration/Inflow into your Sanitary Network,
4.   Calibrator to help calibrate the model data to monitored data
5.   Designer to design new links to prevent flooded or surcharge,
6.   InfoSWMM 2D to link your 1D network to a 2D network
7.   CapPlan for Capacity Analysis and Capital Planning,
8.   Pond Design for Stormwater Ponds
9. Import from InfoSewer and Import/Export from SWMM5
10. Hydraulic Engines for InfoMaster Sewer

Contrasting Add On Features for InfoSWMM and H2OMap SWMM

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InfoSWMM       H2OMAP SWMM     
Calibator Calibator
Conduit Storage Synthesizer Conduit Storage Synthesizer
Designer Designer
DWF Allocator DWF Allocator
InfoSWMM 2D n/a
InfoSWMM CapPlan InfoSWMM CapPlan
NetView to KML NetView to KML
Pond Design Pond Design
RDII Analyst RDII Analyst
Risk Assesment Manager n/a
Subcatchment Manager n/a
An Engine for InfoMaster Sewer An Engine for InfoMaster Sewer
Imports InfoSewer, SWMM 5, H2OMAP SWMM, HEC-RAS Geometry Imports H2OMap Sewer, SWMM 5, InfoSWMM, HEC-RAS Geometry

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