How to Use Trace Upstream, Domain Manager and Facility Manager in InfoSewer to Find the CE

Subject:   How to Use Trace UpstreamDomain Manager and Facility Manager in InfoSewer to Find the CE


InfoSewer does not have table of node continuity errors only an overall continuity error balance.  If you have a continuity error then you can use the process of divide and conquer to find the continuity error.  Start at the Outlets and using the Trace Upstream command, Domain Manager and Facility Manager take out whole sections of the network until you isolate the section of the network with the continuity error.    Here are the steps you can take:


Step 1.             Use Trace Upstream Network to find the and place in a Domain the Upstream Network (Figure 1).

Step 2.                          Once the upstream domain is created use the Domain Manager to add in any extra links without nodes (Figure 2)

Step 3.             Make the Domain Inactive using Facility Manger (Figure 3)

Step 4.                        Run the network and check the overall continuity error (Figure 4)

Step 5.                         Continue and repeat until you isolate the area that is the main source of the Continuity Error (CE).


Figure 1.  Trace Upstream Network and Place it in a Domain


Figure 2.  Use Domain Manager to take out links without nodes


Figure 3.  Use Facility Manager to Make the Domain Inactive

Figure 4.  Find and Isolate the Area with the CE.

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