Connecting to Others Using Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs for SWMM5, InfoSWMM and InfoSewer

Twitter besides being 140 characters of greatness has many third party tools such as Tweet Topic Exploreer which allows you to see visually your Tweets by subject, http://tweettopicexplorer.neoformix.com/#n=rdickinson I found it handy to see the interrelationships of my tweets to each other  and to the industry (Figure 2 and Figure 3).  Here are the Twitter names of myself and Innovyze along with the Innovyze LinkedIn Group:


We want to hear from you – connect with Innovyze!

Twitter: @Innovyze

LinkedIn: Innovyze Group



I try to have easy links between TwitterLinkedIn,  Blogs and Wikipedia on my Ning Social Network, which you can join and post questions and hopefully gather some information (Figure 1)



Figure 1.  It is important to have a connection between Social Networks, BlogsTwitter and LinkedIn.



Figure 2.  Tweet topics for RDICKINSON on Twitter.


Figure 3.  Tweet Topics for INNOVYZE on Twitter.

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