How to Have both Depth and Elevation for the Node Rim Elevation in InfoSWMM

Subject:  How to Have both Depth and Elevation for the Node Rim Elevation in InfoSWMM


If you turn on  store Absolute Junction Rim option  then the Rim Elevation = Invert Elevation + Maximum Node Depth will be shown in the DB Table Junction Hydraulic Modeling Data and the Attribute Browser of InfoSWMM and H2OMAP SWMM


Figure 1.  Store Absolute Junction Rim Elevation Option


Now the Rim Elevation can be copied from the DB Table


Figure 2.  The DB for Junction Modeling Data


And Pasted to the Elevation Table in Junction Information


Figure 3.  The DB for the Junction Information Data


Then you can go back and turn off the Preferences flag and you will have the Rim Elevation in in the Information Table and the Maximum Depth in the Junction Hydraulic Modeling Data DB Table,  I do this all of the time as it helps to see both the depth and the Elevation.

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