Siphon Modeling in InfoSewer and Arc Map Atrribute Display

Siphon Modeling in InfoSewer and Arc Map


Here is at typical view of  a siphon in InfoSewer, the rising links have a d/D of 1 and the dropping links typically have a d/D value less than 1.  The q/Q for the rising links is based on the slope and the dropping links typically have a q/Q less than 1 as the full flow is high due to the steep slopes.  You can show both the d/D and q/Q values in an Arc Map Display by using the following code.  I find it easier to first plot one variable using the InfoSewer Map Display followed by editing the TOC Properties for Pipes to show more than one variable at a time in the Label properties.


Function FindLabel ([D_OVER_D],  [Q_OVER_Q] )

If IsNull([D_OVER_D]) then Exit Function

FindLabel ="" &  FormatNumber([D_OVER_D],3) & "  d/D "  & "" &  FormatNumber([Q_OVER_Q],3) & " q/Q"

End Function


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