H2OMapSWMM (retired)

H2OMap SWMM Interface to SWMMLive

H2OMap SWMM has a new interface to SWMMLive program http://www.innovyze.com/products/swmmlive/ by @Innovyze
The AddOn to H2OMap SWMM allows the user to export their current  H2oMap SWMM model to the SWMM Engine of SWMMLive.  

1.       You call the AddOn using the Tools AddOn Extension Manager command
2.       The engine data (in SWMM 5 format) is exported to SWMMLive using the Export Model to SWMMLive
3.       You can graph the result of the SWMMLive model using the Diagnose SWMMLive Model Tab 


via Blogger http://www.swmm5.net/2013/12/h2omap-swmm-interface-to-swmmlive.html

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