Release of SWMM 5.1.003

Build 5.1.003 (4/8/2014)
Engine Updates:

1. A new property, the Upper Zone Evap. Pattern, was added to
the Aquifer object. It allows one to adjust the aquifer's
upper zone evaporation fraction by month of the year.

2. A bug in writing/reading RDII flows to the new binary RDII
file was fixed.

GUI Updates:

1. A refactoring bug that prevented SWMM from working
correctly for users with non-US Windows regional settings
was fixed.

2. A refactoring bug the prevented the Group Delete feature from
working was fixed.

3. Issues with stay-on-top forms obscuring modal dialog forms,
with the Browser panel disappearing if its width was made too
small and with not being able to browse the Help system when a
modal form had focus were fixed (these unforseen issues were
caused by the switch to Delphi XE2 from Delphi 7).

4. The Aquifer Editor form was updated to accept the new upper
evaporation pattern property.

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