Robert Dickinson Product Sector Leader (PSL) for Innovyze Inc.

Robert Dickinson or a Post about what I do and more importantly a guide to my many links.

Product Sector Leader (PSL) for Innovyze Inc..

Telephone:    813-712-0664

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Product Sector Leader with @Innovyze for InfoSWMM and InfoSewer, 37+ years w/ SWMM3/4/5! 8 Years w/ @Innovyze! 8 years @CDMSmith 8 years w/ XPSWMM 15 years @UF

PSL: InfoSWMM , InfoSewer, H2OMAP SWMM, H2OMAP SEWER and InfoSWMM Suite, InfoSWMM 2D

Other : ICM, ICM SE, IWCS, SWMMLive, SWMM5, InfoSWMM SFEM, InfoSWMM SUSTAIN, Any Other Innovyze Product (less)

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Latest InfoSWMM Press Release: Innovyze Unveils InfoSWMM Sustain for Comprehensive Urban Stormwater Treatment and Analysis

Little Known Fact about InfoSWMM: InfoSWMM 2D uses the ICM 2D hydraulic engine

A short history of my life with SWMM:

The Current InfoSWMM Version is InfoSWMM v13 SP1 which is based on EPA SWMM 5.1.007 You can read about SWMM5 on Wikipedia and InfoSWMM vs SWMM 5 on this blog post. An advantage of updating to the newer version of Info/Map/SWMM/Sewer is a newly designed help file with many more FAQ’s and the User Guide as part of the help file.


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