The Group Mind of Software Development, Software Support and Google/Bing @Innovye #SWMM5 #EPANET

I saw this article (from my email) from Business Insider about the "Group Mind"  Here is the very long link URL

Group mind

This idea that individuals prioritise where information is located has led some researchers topropose that digital devices and the internet have become a form of transactive memory. This idea, which dates back to the 1980s, refers to a group memory that is superior to that of any individual.

According to this account, individuals can collectively store and distribute information using a shared store of knowledge. This store of knowledge means that individuals can access details that they may not know themselves by knowing that another individual remembers it, thus enhancing what information is available to them by communicating with other people. In the same way, individuals develop a transactive memory with the internet and rely on it for information by focusing on where details are located rather than the details themselves.

More recent research has extended this line of work and found that saving information on a computer not only changes how our brains interact with it, but also makes it easier to learn new information. In a study published last year, the participants were presented with two files that each contained a list of words. They were asked to memorise both lists. Half of the participants were asked to save the first file before moving on to the next list, while the others had to close it without saving.

One of the many reasons to use software from Innovyze (www.innovyze.com) is that you get decades of programming experience, decades of product development, decades of product support across multiple platforms and multiple development histories.  We combine the best of MWH Soft, EPA, Innovyze, Wallingford and now XP-Solutions and our own personal histories.  We also take pride in our social media presence.   I will admit that I also use Google a lot to find out what I said before on a particular subject!

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