Rules for Routing in InfoSewer and H2OMap Sewer

Rules for Routing in InfoSewer and H2OMap Sewer

1. Loading Manholes can take unlimited flow

2. Gravity Mains will take all of the flow from the Loading Manholes, but

3. d/D will be 1 and q/Q or q over Qfull will be much greater than 1

4. A Wet Well can be full if the flow into the Wet Well is greater than the Pump Flow, this can simulate loss of capacity

5. A pump flow is based on the pump capacity, pump control rules and the pump curve

6. A Junction chamber downstream of a pump will increase in head to pass the flow from the pump

7. The force mains downstream from the pumps will have the pump flow based on the needed head at the Chamber nodes.

8. So what is real in InfoSewerH20Map Sewer?

· The pump flows

· The head at the Force Mains

· The loading at the Manholes

· The volume and flow lost at the Wet Wells

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