Simulation Capabilities in InfoSewer and H2OMap Sewer

Simulation Capabilities in InfoSewer and H2OMap Sewer

InfoSewerH20Map Sewer provides unparalleled network analysis and simulation capabilities for performing a wide range of essential modeling tasks. WithInfoSewerH20Map Sewer, the entire sewer collection system or any selected sub-system may be analyzed under steady state and extended period simulations. Please note the stormwater capabilities described here are only available for InfoSewerH20Map Sewer licenses. It utilizes a full-featured, state-of-the-art hydraulic computational engine that includes the following capabilities:

· places no limit on the size of the network and number of components that can be analyzed (unlimited link version)

· supports both English and metric (Standard International) units

· analyzes steady-state, extended period simulations (EPS), and dynamic simulations

· uses the Hazen-Williams (pressure) and Manning (open channel) friction formulas

· analyzes both pressurized (force mains) and partial (free surface) flow conditions

· accommodates multiple outlets

· supports any number of loops and parallel pipes

· models any number of separate sanitary and storm sewer networks in a single project

· models overflows and flow-splitting diversions

· allows multiple pumps and lift-stations to be modeled using capacity flow (pump or wet-well capacity), two-point design flow exponential curve, or multiple (3 points) head-flow pump characteristic curve

· models constant and variable speed pumps

· controls on-off status of pumps based on wet well levels, wet well volumes, discharged flows, time or incoming flows

· allows for both constant diameter or variable area wet-wells

· conserves pumped flows and load components

· calculates the age of sewage (time of concentration) throughout a network

· tracks the percent of sewage flow from any given manhole reaching all other pipes and manholes over time

· computes true flow/hydrograph attenuation throughout the collection system using the advanced Muskingum-Cunge explicit diffusion wave model

· tracks advective movement of pollutants flowing through the network over time

· accounts for local headlosses for manholes and junctions

· provides automated adverse slope correction

· considers multiple loading categories at any manholes, each with its own pattern of time variation (e.g. hydrographs)

· supports various methods of loading conditions including contributing population, service area, peakable or unpeakable flows, or any other user-defined loading types

· accounts for infiltration/inflow effects

· automatically designs the entire network based on user specified system performance criteria (e.g., depth-of-flow to diameter ratio)

· calculates sanitary and storm sewer network replacement/improvement costs

· generates HGL profiles

· models circular and non-circular pipes/channels

InfoSewerH20Map Sewer provides four major capabilities for the modeling and analysis of sewer conveyance systems:

· Building sewer collection system models - InfoSewerH2OMAP Sewer was designed to greatly facilitate and automate many of the data compilation and management duties in network modeling. Through its powerful and intuitive menu-driven interface, the user can construct an accurate representation of the distribution system, including a map of the system, attributes required for analysis, and other user-defined attributes.

· Creating network hydraulic simulations - Upon building an appropriate representation of the conveyance system, the user may perform several different types of steady state and extended period hydraulic simulations.

· Analyzing model results - Upon completion of each simulation, the user can view, query, and display modeling results using sophisticated graphical presentation tools including dynamic map annotation/labeling, color-coding, graphing, contouring, profiling, customizable tabular reporting, and vivid VCR-style animation to produce truly compelling results.

· Integrating information with other applications - Built with object-component technology and supporting numerous database, CAD, GIS, and data formats, InfoSewerH20Map Sewer offers many powerful GIS and mapping functions. Its unique open-architecture framework allows information to be easily exchanged with other applications including CAD and presentation applications, spreadsheets, and relational databases, customer information systems, work management systems and any other information system your organization uses.

InfoSewerH20Map Sewer is developed to run entirely within a stand-alone (i.e., no additional CADD or GIS software required), true GIS-based environment.

InfoSewerH20Map Sewerr tools are accessed using customized object-component commands, menus, and toolboxes, and the graphical user interfaces for these tools are based exclusively on high level Windows interface standards.

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