Visualizing 2D Simulation Output in InfoSWMM 2D

Visualizing 2D Simulation Output in InfoSWMM 2D

Once the model has been successfully simulated using the Run Manager, you can review the 2D simulation output. 2D Simulation results can be visualized in plan view (i.e. 2D view in the ArcMap Drawing Area window) or 3D view. Note: ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension must be installed and licensed to allow 3D view.

Visualize Output in 2D View

  1. Click the 2D Map Display button from the InfoSWMM 2D Toolbar
  2. Choose map display parameters to change the display of two layers in the ArcMap Table of Contents
    • Color Map - Change the coloring of triangle polygons in the MESH layer by selecting the Color Map option. The MESH elements can be colored by Velocity, Depth, Volume, Unit Flow and Froude Number variables. Multiple classes can be set up to set the color of many classes of the output data
    • Show Flow Arrow – Create flow arrows in the ‘2D Flow Direction’ layer by selecting the Show flow Arrow option. Flow arrows can show velocity/speed or Unit Flow. The relative size of the arrows can be controlled so that the display of the arrows is readable.

  1. The map coloration and velocity arrows will reflect output at the current time step. To change the visualization time step, use the InfoSWMM time slider

  1. Optionally, you can use the InfoSWMM Animation Editor to create animations that show 1D network and 2D Zone simulation output.

Visualize Output in 3D View (ArcGIS 3D Analyst required)

  1. Click the 3D View button from the InfoSWMM 2D Toolbar

Enter the 3D View parameters:

  • Data Source – Enter the layer that represents the ground surface
  • Vertical Exaggeration – To make the relief of the terrain stand out more in the 3D view you can specify a vertical exaggeration
  • Extrusion – You can extrude a building layer and the mesh layer to give a more realistic look to the output

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