Overall 1D and 2D Mass Balance Report for InfoSWMM 2D

We have two HTML output files that you need to look at to see the overall 1D to 2D back to 1D Mass Balance. Note: The bullet points match the red bullet numbers in the image.

1. In the 1D Report the Internal Outflow is the Net Amount of Water leaving the 1D manholes through flooding to the 2D Mesh or Surface Ponding if you are using Surface Ponding

2. The total amount of 1D flooding is shown in the Junction Summary Output Tables – this is the sum of the Flow out of the 1D Manhole – it is the sum of report time steps only so it might not match exactly the 2D Inflow

3. The Net Inflow in the 2D Mass balance is always in Cubic Meters but if you convert it to MGAL you will see it closely matches the total volume in the Junction Summary

4. The External Inflow is the total volume coming into the 1D Manholes from the 2D Mesh

5. I will continue in the next email for the individuals nodes

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