Introduction to InfoSewer SA

Introduction to InfoSewer SA

Welcome to the InfoSewer SA Help File! One of the most powerful GIS non Arc GIS based Sewer modeling software in the world with many tools for Sewer Design, Water Quality, Runoff, RDII and Steady State/EPS Modeling! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for using InfoSewer SA , and show and describe how this software can better meet your modeling needs. You can learn more About InfoSewer SA by clicking on the Pop Up Links in this Help Topic Table.

InfoSewer SA is a new Innovyze Program that takes the place of H2OMap Sewer and uses the ESRI Arc Engine instead of being an Extension in Arc Map. Data Elements (Pipes, Manholes, Pumps, Wet Wells)
Preferences and Utilities EPS/Dynamic Modeling
Steady State Modeling Database Management
Stormwater Modeling Curves and Patterns
Scenarios and Sets GIS Overview
Domains and Facilities Reports, Graphing and Output
Running a Model FAQ's and Blogs
Printing and Plotting InfoSewer vs InfoSWMM
Sewer Theory Innovyze St Venant Solutions
How to Make Large Icons in Arc GIS or Arc Map
Water Quality Theory

InfoSewer SA bridges the gap between network modeling and Arc GIS based software to support many types of applications in sewer collection system analyses, including the following features:

Master Planning CMOM Program Planning
Facility Sizing Wet-Well Design
Facility Management Outlet Configuration
Operations Study Pump Cycling
Real-time Simulation Infrastructure Rehabilitation/Replacement
Peak Flow Effects Flow Capacity Evaluation
Overflow Management Infiltration/Inflow Modeling
System Deficiency Identification System Improvements
BOD Modeling Odor Control
Source Tracing Pollutant Contribution Analysis
Discharge Permit Compliance Corrosion Control
Treatment Process Efficiency Evaluation Sewage Age Improvement
Sediment Modeling and Impact Analysis Sensitivity Analysis
Alternative Analyses Dynamic Loading Comparison
Flow Monitoring Design Model Calibration
Operator Training Capital Improvement Program Development
Capital Budgeting Impact Fees Determination
System Expansion New System Design
System Layout Mapping Dynamic Profiling
Project Management Stormwater Modeling

Here is an example of how the InfoSewer SA Interface looks (the Net1.MXD Example)

1. Ribbon

2. Quick Access Toolbar

3. Table of Contents

4. Map

5. Model Explorer

6. Message Board



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