Model Explorer in InfoSewer SA (Standalone)

Model Explorer in InfoSewer SA (Standalone)

The Model explorer in InfoSewer SA combines the Scenario Explorer, Run Manager and the Operation and Attribute Tabs.

The Run Manager is used to perform simulations and manage simulation options.

The Scenario Explorer is where InfoSewer SA allows the user to create, delete and modify scenarios. The Scenario Explorer is what allows the user to create "what if" situations throughout a sewage collection system.

InfoSewer SA Browser

The InfoSewer SA Browser provides a centralized location to access the various tools to create, edit, operate and analyze InfoSewer models. The Browser dialog box can be invoked by using the Attribute Browser command from the InfoSewer> View menu.

The InfoSewer Browser provides four major capabilities for the modeling and analysis of water distribution systems:

· Attribute Browser: The Attribute tab displays all of the element attribute tables for the selected data element. See Attribute Browser

· Contour: Use the contour tab to plot nodal input and output contours. To learn more about the different contouring options provided by InfoSewer click here.

· Operation Data: The Operation Data tab contains all of the operational features of InfoSewer SA. Click here to learn more about the Operation Data feature of InfoSewer SA.

· Annotation: The Annotation tab is used to color code pipes or nodes based on input and/or output results. Click here to learn more about the InfoSewer SA Annotation Manager.

What is a Scenario?

A scenario is a group of InfoSewer SA facilities, data sets and conditions that are created to reflect a specific modeling situation. With a scenario, you can develop multiple models that are specific to your sewage collection system (ex. Average day loading for a specific service area with unique reporting options).

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