Scenario Menu in InfoSWMM

Scenario Menu

Descriptions of All Scenario Menu commands in InfoSWMM.

The Scenario Manger is where InfoSWMM allows the user to create, delete and modify scenarios. The Scenario Manager is what allows the user to create "what if" situations throughout a sewage collection system.

The Dataset Manager is a "quick view" dialog box that allows the user to create, view and edit data sets in one easy to use location. As shown below, the Dataset Manager is used by clicking on any of the tabs to view and edit the listed data set. Use any of the icons at the top of the dialog box to create, edit, clone, copy or delete data sets

Active Scenario allows the user to select any of the scenarios created in an InfoSWMM project and make it active. Once a scenario is made active, each of the three facets that comprise a scenario (Option Sets, Facility Sets and Data Sets) also become active.

InfoSWMM's Compare Scenario command allows the user to monitor the differences between any two scenarios in a model.

Button Name Description
Scenario Explorer
Dataset Manager
Edit Active Scenario
Compare Data Scenario

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