How to ReMake an IEDB Folder for InfoSewer

How to ReMake an IEDB Folder for InfoSewer. Why would you do this? If there are ESRI errors if you update your InfoSewer Map. You need two files and folders: One New and One OLD MXD file, One New, and One Old ISDB folder. Here the steps in the process.

Step 1. Make a new InfoSewer Model with the background shapefile (from the Map folder of the Old IEDB folder). Load the older shapefile into the new model network.

Step 2. Initialize the Map with the same coordinates as the Older Map

Step 3. Save the New Network as a new MXD file

Step 4. Copy the Older IEDB folder files (sans the Map) to the New IEDB folder

Step 5. Paste to the New ISDB folder

Step 6. Use the Utility Update Map from DB/Force All Network in the New Model to update the Pasted DBF file information to the Map of InfoSewer

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