How to Display on the InfoSWMM Map Summary Parameters from an Output Relate

How to Display on the InfoSWMM Map Summary Parameters from an Output Relate?

There are several summary columns in the Output Report Tables that are hidden from view in the InfoSWMM Map Display. What are the remaining mapping options for those output parameters that are not in the selection list of Map Display?  We can do this by using table joins and output relates.

For example, we wanted to map the Maximum HGL head class in the junction or storage summary.

Follow these steps to establish an output relate in ArcMap's InfoSWMM Extension so that you may join it to a table for display:

Open the map document in ArcMap and use the Operations tab of the InfoSWMM Browser after you have run a simulation. Create a names InfoSWMM relate by choosing an output table of InfoSWMM. Ensure you save InfoSWMM, so the output relates so is saved to the ISDB folder and the relate subfolder.

Once the output relate has been created, you can use it to join the primary and secondary data sources. To do this, select the primary data source in the table of contents and click the "Join" tool in the "Data Management" toolbox. In the "Join" window, select the output relate that you created as the "Join Data Source" and click "OK.

Maximum HGL head class in Junction or Storage Summary Table

Create the Output Relate from the Storage Summary Table.


Add the saved Output Relate from the ISDB folder to the Arc Map TOC.


Create an output relate and add it to the Arc Map Table of Contents. You need to save InfoSWMM to save the Relate to the ISDB folder.

Join the Relate to the InfoSWMM Junction or Storage layer.

Using Arc Map TOC properties label the InfoSWMM with the Head Class.


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