How to Import an SWMM5 file from PCSWMM and/or SWMM5 as a Model Group in ICM InfoWorks and SWMM Networks, Validate it and then Export back to SWMM5

SWMM5 Model

The SWMM5 project summary includes the following components: 1 raingage, 168 subcatchments, no aquifers, snowpacks, or RDM hydrographs. The infiltration model used is Horton. There are five junction nodes, six outfall nodes, and no divider nodes. The project features one storage node (1S0), 134 conduit links, and five pump links.

Note of finding the SWMM5 file from PCSWMM - To access the contents of a PCSWMM file, simply change the file extension from .pcz to .zip. Then, extract the files. You should find a *.inp file within the extracted files, corresponding to an SWMM5 format file.
If you have an SWMM5 file, what are your import options? SWMM5 to either an SWMM or InfoWorks network or SWMM5 to a Model Group in an SWMM network.

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