Drainage Wells or a Vertical Exfiltration Trench in InfoSWMM

Subject:  Drainage Wells or a Vertical Exfiltration Trench in InfoSWMM


Note, this is just one way to model an Exfiltration Trench.  The source for the image below is Rice Creek Watershed


You can make a storage node to simulate the trench with the following characteristics:


·         Functional or Shape Curve to describe the shape of the trench,

·         Infiltration parameters to simulate the infiltration flow out of the bottom or sides of the trench,




Step 1:  Define the shape and geometrical characteristics of the Infiltration Trench



Step 2: Define the soil infiltration characteristics of the trench



Step 3:  Run the simulation.  The Storage Volume Summary tells you the volume infiltrated and the average outflow.



Step 4:  Output Manager will also show the infiltration  outflow, the depth and the volume of the infiltration/storage node.



Step 4:    Infiltration losses out the side and bottom of the orifice.



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