What are the Equations for Weirs in SWMM 5, Part 2?

Subject:   What are the Equations for Weirs in SWMM 5Part 2?


There are four types of Weirs in SWMM 5:  Transverse, Sideflow, V Notch and Trapezoidal.   The trapezoidal weir is a combination of the Sideflow and V Notch Weir and the Sideflow acts like a Transverse Weir when the flow is reversed (Figure 1).  The Weirs can have zero, one or two end contractions (Figure 2) and the Weir Length is a function of the Weir Setting and Horizontal Weir Length.  A V Notch weir works as Trapezoidal Weir when the Weir RTC Setting is less than 1.0




Figure 1.   Weir Equations in SWMM 5


Figure 2.   Valid Number of End Contractions


Figure 3.  Weir Length Calculations


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