Day: August 6, 2013

Water Quality Treatment Removal Variables in SWMM5

Subject:    Water Quality Treatment Removal Variables in SWMM5


The treatment variables for Water Quality in a SWMM 5 storage unit (Figure 1) can be either: 

1.       A Process Variable

a.       HRT or Hydraulic Residence Time

b.      DT or Time Step

c.       FLOW or The Current Inflow

d.      DEPTH or the Read the rest

How does the Infiltration Maximum Time to Drain the Upper Soil Zone Work in SWMM 5 Green Ampt?

Subject:  How does the Infiltration Maximum Time to Drain the Upper Soil Zone Work in SWMM 5 Green Ampt?


You can use the monthly soil recovery factor (Figure 1) in SWMM 5 to change how the Infiltration Maximum Time to Drain the Upper Soil Zone (Figure 2) is computed Read the rest

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