Run InfoSWMM Sustain for ICM SuDS and SWMM 5 LID’s

Run InfoSWMM Sustain for ICM SuDS and SWMM 5 LID’s

The Optimization takes place after either you create the LID Candidates using the Siting Manager, Createthe LID's yourself on the Map or import the LID's from InfoSWMM. The optimizer as shown in the following image Minimizes Cost and Maximizes the Reduction of Runoff or Pollutants.

The Optimizer runs many InfoSWMM runs to optimize the selected LID Types. Click on Run and you will see a Blue progress bar at the bottom of the screen and at the end of the Run an Info Dialog Message Box about a successful Run.

Note: Scatter Search is for the best solution finding and NSGA-II GA is for cost effective curve generation.

Maximum budget is the maximum amount allowed to be spent on the run. If there are not enough model runs selected the program will inform you of the needed model runs for your LID targets and LID Candidates.

A visual view of the major tasks in using InfoSWMM Sustain is shown in the following image.

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