General LID Features in #SWMM5 and #InfoSWMM

General LID Features in #SWMM5 and #InfoSWMM

The number of LID Controls is unlimited and very flexible. In addition to the 5 main LID controls:

1. Rain Barrel

2. Bio-Retention Cell

3. Infiltration Trench

4. Porous Pavement

5. Vegetative Swale

6. Green Roof

7. Rain Garden

8. Rooftop Disconnection

You can also simulate real housing features such as:

a. Variable Pervious Areas,

b. Small Orchards,

c. Rain Gutters and Street Gutters,

d. Sand Filters,

e. French Drains,

f. Bio Swales

g. Green Roofs

h. Cisterns

i. Better Simulated Retention Ponds

j. Better Simulated Detention Ponds

Combining the LID Controls and the LID layers per control is shown in the following Figure.

LID Connection to the Subcatchment Processes for Pervious and Impervious Areas.

There are seven Types of LID Controls possible per Subcatchment. The number of controls are unlimited.

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