Import or Export EPA SWMM 5 Files to InfoSWMM or H2OMap SWMM

Import or Export EPA SWMM 5 Files to InfoSWMM or H2OMap SWMM

Use this to import an existing EPA SWMM 5 project into InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM , or to export InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM project to an EPA SWMM 5 model. Up on importing EPA SWMM 5 model, InfoSWMM will create an InfoSWMM database and a graphical representation of the study area from the imported model.

To access this features, from the InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM Exchange menu select the Import EPA SWMM 5... or Export EPA SWMM 5... option depending on whether you wish to import or export.


If you are importing,the following dialog editor will be initiated.

Specify the EPA SWMM Input Text File to be imported by navigating down to where it is located. Then specify the Model Data Sections and the Specific Data Sections you wish to import.

Also, specify your choice for the Auto Conduit Length calculation option. If No, the model will not calculate conduit length, and if Yes it will automatically calculate conduit length. If you wish to stick to the option specified under the Operation Settings Operation tab of the Preferences Preferences section, you may choose the Project Definition option.

You may also choose to update InfoSWMM project with the imported data by checking the Update Map option. Then select the Import button if you wish to finish the importing process, or the Cancel button if you wish to cancel the importing process. InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM will first create the InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM project database and subsequently create an InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM drawing from the database. After a successful import, save the newly created InfoSWMM H2OMap SWMM project into a location on your hard-drive by using the Save As command under the File menu.


If you are exporting, provide the name of the file and the directory where you wish to save the exported model on the following dialog box. Then hit the Exportbutton. The exported input file could be opened from EPA SWMM 5.

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