ArcGIS data into #SWMM5 using INPPINS

This is a copy from as a backup for the future

ArcGIS data into SWMM

I want to import ArcGIS data into SWMM. How can I do this? If possible I want to include SWMM into ArcGIS as add-in, any help?

New Installl from INPPINS - I downloaded it


The following was added by RED

Link to INPPINS site (click on image)

  • I updated the web-site with the installers:

    This problem have been reported before, because the location in the MW web-site is not easy to access / intuitive.

    The official repositories of the application are now the MW web-site and the official web-site of the application. I recommend you not to download the software from other locations...

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