Importing Diameters into #H2OMAP SWMM and #InfoSWMM

Importing Diameters into #H2OMAP SWMM and #InfoSWMM

The current option for showing closed conduit diameters in both H2OMAP SWMM and InfoSWMM is controlled by the Tools/Preferences dialog option Sewer Interface (Figure 1). The diameter for the closed conduits is shown in feet or meters in the DB table (Figure 2) but inches or millimeters in the Attribute Browser (Figure 4). If the default HSDB or ISDB Conduit Information table is modified to include a new Parameter called Diameter both feet/inches or meters/millimeters can be stored in the H2OMAP SWMM and InfoSWMM DB tables (Figure 3). The two forms of the closed conduit diameters can be both exported to CSV or Shapefile (Figure 5) and then reimported with Update to Existing Records (Figure 6), so that the user can have both forms of the pipe diameters in both DB Tables and in the Attribute Browser.

Figure 1. Sewer Interface Option for showing Closed Link Diameters in inches or millimeters in the Atrribute Browser of InfoSWMM or H2OMAP SWMM

Figure 2. Closed Conduit Diameters are shown in either feet or meters all of the time.

Figure 3. Add a new Double Variable called Diameter which will be the Closed Conduit Diameter in either inches or millmeters.

Figure 4. The attribute browser shows the Diameter in either inches or millimeters.

Figure 5. All of DB Table colums for Links can be saved to the Shapefile or CSV file including the two forms of the Closed Conduit Diameter.

Figure 6. The data can be imported from GIS into both the Geom1 field (diameter in feet or meters) or the DIAMETER field in inches or millimeters.

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