EPA #SWMM5 Build 5.1.012 (03/14/17) Updates

SWMM 5.1 Update History
Build 5.1.012 (03/14/17)

Engine Updates:

1. The direct.h header is now only #included in the swmm5.c file when
compiled for Windows. (swmm5.c)

2. Engine Update #7 in Build 5.1.011 (internally aligning the wet time
step with the reporting time step) was redacted since it caused
problems for certain combinations of time steps. (runoff.c)

3. A subcatchment's bottom elevation is now used instead its parent
aquifer's value when saving a water table value to the binary results
file. (subcatch.c)

4. A bug that failed to limit surface inflitration into a saturated rain
garden LID unit was fixed. (lidproc.c)

5. Calculation of the maximum limit on LID drain flows was modified to
produce smoother results at low depths above the drain offset.

6. A variable used for reporting detailed LID results is now properly
initialized. (lid.c & lid.h)

7. The occasional writing of duplicate lines to the detailed LID results
file was fixed. (lidproc.c)

8. The conversion from conduit seepage rate per unit area to rate per unit
of length was changed to use top width instead of wetted perimeter since
only vertical seepage is assumed to occur. (link.c)

9. The coefficient of the evaporation/seepage term in the dynamic wave
equation for updating conduit flow was corrected (from 1.5 to 2.5).

10. The Engels flow equation for side flow weirs was corrected (the original
equation used in SWMM 3 & 4 was incorrect). (link.c)

11. Crest length reductions for end contractions are no longer used for
trapezoidal weirs. (link.c)

12. The Slope Correction Factor for culverts with mitered inlets was corrected.

13. An entry in the table of gravel roadway weir coefficients was corrected.

14. The user supplied minimum slope option is now initialized to 0.0
(meaning none is provided). (project.c)

15. NO/YES are no longer accepted as attributes for the NORMAL_FLOW_LIMITED
dynamic wave simulation option (only SLOPE/FROUDE/BOTH are valid).

16. Changes were made so that the Routing Events and Skip Steady Flow
options work correctly together. (routing.c & globals.h)

17. Steady state periods with no flow routing no longer contribute to the
routing time step statistics. (stats.c and report.c)

18. When compiling statistics on the frequency of full conduit flow the
number of barrels is now accounted for. (stats.c)

19. Under kinematic wave or steady flow routing, the water level in
storage nodes that have no outflow links is now updated correctly
over time. (flowrout.c)

20. The formula for the depth at maximum width for the Modified Basket Handle
cross section was corrected. (xsect.c)

GUI Updates:

1. Profile plots now correctly update the main and axis title text when
changed via the Profile Plot Options dialog. Also the downstream
offset height of non-conduit links is set to 0 on the plot.

2. The LID Control Editor now sets the Storage Layer Thickness to 0 when
a Rain Garden is selected as the type of LID being edited.

3. An OnChange event handler was added to each of the LID Control Editor's
data fields to record when a value is changed.

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