Modeling H2S in InfoSWMM

Modeling H2S in InfoSWMM

You can model Sulfide in InfoSWMM using the H2S water quality modeling option which uses BOD5 loading at nodes to estimate the S concentration in the nodes and links of the network using constant network parameters for:

  1. The Reaction Rate Coefficient,
  2. The Sulfide Loss Coefficient,
  3. Sulfide Flux Coefficient,
  4. Temperature in Degrees C,
  5. Soluble Sulfide Percentage,
  6. pH for the whole network, and
  7. The Ionization Constant.

Relationship between BOD5 and EBOD

Figure 1. The concentration of H2S and BOD5 can be graphed at each node and link.

Figure 2. Dialogs for H2S and BOD5 in InfoSWMM

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