Arc Map Toolbars in InfoSewer

Arc Map Toolbars in InfoSewer

InfoSewer is developed as a customized version of the ArcMap graphical user interface. Individual or logically grouped modeling and model data management functions are available as commands within ArcMap. The InfoSewer and the ArcMap toolbars are bundled together and may be accessed from the View -> Toolbars command. Additionally you may right click on any section of your ArcMap/InfoSewer user interface other than the Drawing Area to invoke any of the toolbars. Also you may use the Customize tool bar to choose the different tool bars that you want to invoke. The activated tool bars may be docked on any part of your graphical user interface.

For more information on the ArcMap tool bars refer to your ArcMap help file. Detailed instructions on the usage and the capabilities of the InfoSewer toolbars are provided in the InfoSewer toolbars section.

The following are the different tool bars provided by ArcMap.







Data Frame Tools

Utility Network Analyst

Spatial Adjustment


Edit Cache

Advanced Editor



Large Icon Options

The large icons apply to the Arc Map and InfoSewer Icons, they can be saved permanently to the current MXD file

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