LID Results – Summary Report for InfoSWMM and SWMM5

LID Results – Summary Report

The performance of the LID controls placed in a Subcatchment is reflected in the overall runoff, infiltration, and evaporation rates computed for the Subcatchment as normally reported by SWMM5. The SWMM’s Output Modeling Report also contains a section entitled LID Performance Summary that provides an overall water balance for each LID control placed in each Subcatchment. The components of this water balance include total inflow, infiltration, evaporation, surface runoff, underdrain flow and initial and final stored volumes, all expressed as inches (or mm) over the LID’s area. This report is listed in the text RPT file and the Output Report Manager Table.

The LID Summary Report in Output Report Manager lists the overall simulation summary for each LID Control on every Subcatchment for these parameters:

1. Subcatchment ID

2. LID Control in the Subcatchment

3. Total Inflow

4. Evaporation Loss

5. Infiltration Loss

6. Surface Outflow

7. Drain Outflow

8. Initial Storage

9. Final Storage

10. Percent Error

Optionally, the entire time series of flux rates and moisture levels for a selected LID control in a given Subcatchment can be written to a tab delimited text file for easy viewing and graphing in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel). The detailed LID Report File can be found using a Tab in the output browser.

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