Edit Menu in InfoSewer

Edit Menu in InfoSewer

Descriptions of All Edit Menu commands in InfoSewer.

The Database Editor (DB) allows the user to open any InfoSewer database and edit user input fields (except ID). To access the DBEditor, from the Edit menu, select DB Tables to see the Open Table dialog box below.

The Edit Attribute dialog box allows the user to edit any field from the selected (graphical or Domain) InfoSewer data elements. This feature is helpful by allowing quick edits of database data to occur without having to use to DBEditor command.

The Group Editing command allows you to specify modeling properties of multiple network components in a single operation.

To run the command, from the Edit menu, select Group Editing on Selection or Group Editing on Domain. If you have created a domain, the group editing dialog box will appear once the Group Editing on Domain command is initiated. The group editing on selection option allows for a graphical selection to be made. Once initiated, a "?" will appear next to the mouse cursor. Drag a selection window across the screen to select the data elements for group editing.

Delete Selection - deletes selected Elements.

Delete Domain - deletes the Domain.

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