Utilities Menu in InfoSewer

Utilities Menu in InfoSewer

Descriptions of All Utilities Menu commands in InfoSewer.

  • Locate – The Locate command is used to find a node/pipe/element by ID within an InfoSewer project. This function is also available from the Model Explorer – Attribute Tab toolbar . See: Locate
  • Change ID – The Change ID command allows the user to change theInfoSewer database identification for any element from one value to another (as long as the new value for that element is unique). Merely select the Desired Element Type to change, type in the Old ID then the New ID. Clicking Apply will change the ID for that element. Click here to learn more.
  • Pipe Invert – To verify the invert order of gravity mains, go to the InfoSewer button, Utilities menu and select Pipe Invert Order. Select any of the commands, and then the user can either select pipes individually or drag a window across all desired elements. Once the pipes have been selected, right mouse click and choose the Enter option or hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Connectivity – The connectivity feature has many elements that assist the user in ensuring that connectivity is established prior to a model being run. It is important to note that connectivity is required for InfoSewer to run a hydraulic simulation. Click here to learn more.
  • Network Review/Fix – The Network Review/Fix Tool is a comprehensive network drawing examination and correction application for use in constructing reliable, credible working models ready for analysis. It offers users functionality to quickly identify and correct network topology problems and data flaws that may arise from digitizing a model or building it using pre-existing GIS and CAD datasets. See: Network Review/Fix Tool
  • Database – The database feature allows the user to utilize database management from within InfoSewer to find and correct database flaws or problems. Click here to learn more.
  • Recall – The recall command (or Undelete) allows the user to recall a deleted pipe or node from the project database. It is important to note that when a record is deleted from a database, it is only “marked” for deletion (unless the user has turned on the Auto Database Packing feature in the Project Preferences). Click here to learn more.
  • Update DB from Map – This feature allows the user to recreate some or all of the project databases from the graphics in the InfoSewer project from the project databases. Click here to learn more.
  • Update Map from DB – This feature allows the user to regenerate the map graphics from the project database to ensure that the map view and the database contain the same data. Click here to learn more.
  • Update Spatial Indexes – The Update Spatial Index command will help to speed up the map refresh in ArcMap. When there are tables joined to an InfoSewer layer, ArcMap will not update the spatial indexes when those tables have been modified. The Update Spatial Indexes command will update the joined tables for an improved map refresh rate.
  • Clear Message Board – Use this command to clear the InfoSewer Message Board. The InfoSewer message board displays messages, warnings and/or errors during, before and after an InfoSewer simulation.

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