Innovyze Application Manager for Switching Between InfoSewer and InfoSWMM

Innovyze Application Manager for Switching Between InfoSewer and InfoSWMM

The Innovyze Application Manager, shown below, may be invoked or inactivated from the Toolbars command under the View menu of ArcMap or by right clicking on any part of InfoSWMM/ArcMap user interface other than the InfoSWMM Drawing Area. Also, the user may move this toolbar to any location on the project screen and place it horizontally or vertically at the location of his/her choice. To change the position of the toolbar, place the cursor in the background area (not on a button) of the toolbar, hold the cursor down and drag it to the desired location.

The Innovyze Application Manager is used to select and initialize the ArcGIS based Innovyze product the user wishes to use. In other words, if the user has InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM and/or InfoSewer, he/she may choose one of the two or three models using the

Innovyze Application Manager drop down combo box from within ArcMap and initialize the selected model by clicking on the button. The icons for InfoSWMM, InfoSWMM or InfoSewer will be visible. Here is the common Menu Items

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