2.4 Set 2D Options in InfoSWMM 2D

2.4 Set 2D Options in InfoSWMM 2D

Step 1 - Set 2D Options

It is very simple to connect the 2D Zone to the 1D underground network and to enable

the 2D simulation.

  1. Open the Simulation Options that are associated with the scenario you wish to apply the 2D Zone to and select the 2D tab.
  2. Select the 'Enable 2D Simulation' option and set the 2D simulation parameters. For a description of parameters, see 2D Simulation Options topic in the on-line help.

3. You must also set Dynamic Wave as the Routing Model on the General tab of the InfoSWMM Simulation Options.

Step 2 - Set Up 1D Junctions to Interact with 2D Zone

The 1D (underground) network and 2D (overland) Zone interact through the rim of 1D junctions. The junctions that are to interact with the 2D Zone need to be enabled and their rim elevations aligned with the 2D Mesh.

1. To enable a 1D junction to pass flow back and forth to the 2D Zone, select 2D as the Flood Type in the InfoSWMM Attribute Browser.

2. Enter a Flood Discharge Coefficient (orifice discharge coefficient). The orifice equation governs flow into and out of the rim of the junction. The diameter of the orifice is the diameter of the manhole (junction). This diameter is specified by the manhole area in the InfoSWMM Simulation Options.

Step 3 - Align Junction Rim with 2D Mesh Elevations

It is important that the manhole ground levels match the height of the ground model at the relevant location. Otherwise flow could spill on to the mesh either earlier or later than it reaching the manhole ground level. Either:

  • Manually adjust junction rim elevations (or max depths) to match the ground elevation model you are using at that location. You can use the ArcMap Identify tool to check the elevation of the ground model at that location and adjust the rim elevation in the InfoSWMM Attribute Browser for that junction.


  • Alternatively, you can add all of the 2D junctions to a Domain and use the Elevation Extraction tool to extract rim elevations directly from the ground model you are using (limit the scope of elevation extraction to the Domain of 2D junctions).

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