Understanding the 1D/2D Connection in InfoSWMM 2D

2.1 Understanding the 1D/2D Connection in InfoSWMM 2D

The 2D Output HTML file of InfoSWMM 2D shows the Total 2D Inflows at each node by Mesh ID. You can either graph, report use the 2D Graphs in InfoSWMM to also see these flows but in addition there is a Section in the 2D InfoSWMM input file (Hydqua.inp) that shows the 1D Node Name followed by the Mesh Element ID (Figure 1)

Net inflow in 1d nodes

Node id : 2919 // Net Inflow (m3) : 15244.2504

Node id : 2946 // Net Inflow (m3) : 7429.7630

Node id : 7405 // Net Inflow (m3) : 0.0000

Node id : 7451 // Net Inflow (m3) : 699.8173

Node id : 4022 // Net Inflow (m3) : 4026.5423

Node id : 2370 // Net Inflow (m3) : 2076.7189

Node id : 1083 // Net Inflow (m3) : 5697.8787

The flow can go both ways – out of the 1D to the 2D mesh or back from the 2D mesh to the 1D network. You can see this either graphically (view the output parameter 2D Inflow) or by looking at the 2D report file (above).

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