All the commands for the Tools Menu commands in InfoSWMM.

All the commands for the Tools Menu commands in InfoSWMM.

Use the different options provided here to run your model (Run Manager and Batch Simulation Manager) and analyze your results through the different options such as the Customized Report, Query report, Output Report Manager. Modify your output Units through the Output Unit manager. Create Domains and Facility sets through the Domain and Facility Managers respectively. Activate the InfoSewer modules through the AddOn Extension Manager. Also create and view your Animations through the Animation Viewer.

The Run Manager is used to perform simulations and to manage simulation output sources (results). Three individual simulation types are available from the Run Manager: Steady-State , Design, and Extended Period Simulation/Dynamic simulation (including quality analyses). You may also use the Batch Run Manager to run multiple standard simulations with one operation.

The Batch Run Manager is used to run models for numerous user-selected scenarios in a single operation. This command is especially useful where several simulations are simultaneously required for a large model. With the Batch Run Manager, the user can select the desired scenarios and run each model in a "batch" process.

Pipe Profile for Output - Profiles the Output data for a series of links.

Like a customized report, a Query Report is used to selectively choose which input and output data will appear in a report. However, unlike a customized report, a query report is required to relate data from an Output Relate with output data in a report format. In other words, the only way to see output data in a report format is to create a query report that contains a desired output relate.

The Output Report Manager provides you with a means to access all your Output variables in report and graph form for all your simulations.

A Domain is a temporarily selected subset of network components. The domain can be used for a variety of purposes including group editing operations, mapping, contouring, etc. The Domain Manager is used to create, edit and delete elements contained within a domain. In conjunction with the Domain Manager, InfoSWMM also has the Edit Selection Attributes and Edit Domain Attribute icons.

The Facility Manager is used to create and maintain the active facility set. The active facility set defines the network components in a current model that will be considered during the next simulation run(s). Facility sets can also be associated with a scenario via the Scenario Manager.

Button Name Description
Run Manager
Batch Simulation
Output Unit Manager
Report Manager
Animation Editor
Animation Viewer
Customized Report Manager
Query Report Manager
Query Summation Report
Output Statistics Manager
Domain Manager
Facility Manager
Engineering Review Tool
Network Audit Tool (Combined with Engineering Review Tool in InfoSWMM 14.5 Update 10+)
Invert and Elevation Tools
Combine Routing Files
Create Dual Drainage
Create Profile Plot
Create Storage Curve
Infer Conduit Max. Depth
Set Pipe-Fitting Junctions
Add On Manager
Project Preferences

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