Animation Methodology in InfoSWMM and InfoSWMM SA

Animation Methodology

To create a New Animation do the following:

Execute (run) InfoSWMM model and make sure that your Output Status icon () has light green color.

Launch the Map Display manager by clicking on the Map Display icon on your InfoSWMMH2OMap SWMM Control Center Toolbar Standard Toolbar . Specify your map display options (the element type, the data source, the data field, and the color ranges). Refer to the section on Map Display Methodology to learn more about customizing your map display. By doing this, the results will be color-coded during viewing the animation thus simplifying reviewing and digesting of the model results.

Launch the Animation Editor dialog box from the InfoSWMMH2OMap SWMM Tools menu -> Animation Editor command. Specify a name for the animation as shown below and click on the Create button

Once you have successfully recorded or created your animation, or if you have an already created and saved animation from previous model runs, launch the Animation Viewer from your InfoSWMM Tools menu. Select the file that you want to view from the combo box, shown below, located at the bottom right corner of the animation viewer dialog box.

From the animation viewer dialog, choose the viewing delay time (i.e., the length of time you wish the animation display stay before switching to results corresponding to the next report time instant) using the button that initiates the following dialog editor.

Using the following buttons (), available at the bottom left corner of the animation viewer, you may choose to copy, go backward fast, go backward one slide per mouse click, go forward one slide per mouse click, or go forward fast through the animation slides, respectively.

Finally, you may exit from the Animation Viewer dialog box by clicking on the Exit icon .

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