How to create an output relate in InfoSewer which can identify in the domain pipes that exceeds a specific Adjusted d/D ratio

How to create an output relate which can identify in the domain pipes that exceed a specific Adjusted d/D ratio. This may be useful for you to more easily find these in the Map:

If you create a query. I called mine Backwater but I could have better called it Adjd~DGT0.8 or whatever works for you.

Go to the Output relate tab of the query and hit the “…” button to edit your output relates

Create a new output relate (I might have called this GM_Range if I was doing this better but I chose BW_PIPE) Set it up as shown

Hit OK to close the output relate pop-up

Now select the output relate in the list and choose the “R+” button to add that to the query information it can query on.

Now open the actual query using the point hand icon

Find the tab with the same name as your output relate and chose the query data “BW_PIPE->MAX_ADJDEP>0.800000” where BW_Pipe is your output relate name you chose.

This will find all pipes with an adjusted d/D greater than a specified value you choose (I chose 0.8)

When you run the model this will auto update this output relate.

You can then now chose this query after a run to find all pipes with d/D adjusted exceeding the specified value and it will put them in the domain:

Open the domain manager after you run the model

Clear the domain

Select your new query and press “+ Add”

Your query pipes are now in the domain

I increased the pipe domain size so these stand out more:

This may help you better find these in the Map without the map display. Note, via Patrick Moore of Innovyze Inc.

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