How to use GIS Gateway in InfoSWMM to Create both Data and Model Results Shapefiles

GIS Gateway - Create Shapefile

From the GIS Gateway, the Build Shapefile tool lets you create a new ESRI® Shapefile from InfoSWMM data. Every attribute can be loaded into the new Shapefile attribute table by using the data associated with each attribute type. The application of the tool can be directed at either a domain or an active network as necessary.

The dialog box looks like this:

A description of the features:

Data TypeChoose the modeling data type that the new Shapefile will be based on
Fields to ExportDepending on which Data Type was chosen, a list of available information fields will be shown. Use click, ctrl-click or shift-click to select all fields you wish to include in the new Shapefile's Attribute Table.
Apply on DomainIf this option is chosen, only features contained in the current Domain (if one is defined) will be exported to the new Shapefile.
Apply on Active NetworkIf this option is chosen, only features in the Active Network will be exported.
ShapefileThis box contains the filepath and filename of the new Shapefile
Use the Browse button to choose a filepath and filename for the new Shapefile
CreateWhen all parameters are selected, click this button to export the Shapefile
CloseClose the dialog box without exporting the Shapefile

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