InfoSWMM SA Ribbon User Interface

InfoSWMM SA Ribbon User Interface

InfoSWMM SA has an easy to use Interface which allows you to work more productively with a modern, workflow-centric, ribbon user interface. The new interface is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete and understand your network. InfoSWMM SA commands are organized into logical modeling tasks and put together under sepa­rate tabs. Each tab relates to a type of InfoSWMM SA activity, such as File Home, Edit, View, Data, Tools and Applications. The ribbon, tab groups, which are a labeled set of closely related commands all provide access to many of the key InfoSWMM SA Commands. Many of the additional tools such as contouring and annotation may be found in the Model Explorer which combines Scenario Management, Run Manager, Output Manager and the Attribute and Operation tools. The organization of the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon is very clear and helps guide the modeler or modeller.

The InfoSWMM SA ribbon command bar, which is composed of the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) which exposes and highlights important ribbon commands as specified by the user or are default operations in InfoSWMM SA, and a tab row that contains the key tabs of File, Home, Edit, View, Data, Tools, Application which guide the user from opening the project to advanced applications in Stormwater and Sewer modeling such as Calibration, Design, SWMMLive, Sustain and RDII Analyst.

Built with the ESRI ArcGIS Engine and supporting numerous database, CADD, GIS, and data formats, InfoSWMM SA supports many powerful GIS and mapping functions. Its unique open-architecture framework allows information to be easily exchanged with other applications including CAD and presentation applications, spreadsheets, and relational databases. InfosWMM SA and its companion software InfoWater SA use the ESRI Arc Map 10.3 engine (see t for more information)

Although transparent to the user, InfoSWMM SA is developed to run entirely within a standalone (i.e., no additional CADD or GIS software required) environment. InfoSWMM SA tools are accessed using customized ESRI ArcGIS Engine commands, menus, and toolboxes, and the graphical user interfaces for these tools are based exclusively on Windows interface standards

  • File commands can be found using the File Menu. The File presents a menu of commands that involve doing something to or with a document or workspace, such as file-related commands. In InfoSWMM SA this means opening new or existing projects, seeing the help file, printing, using www,innovyze,com, seeing the About or changing the spatial reference of the network.
  • Home Menu Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - The InfoSWMM SA Home Tab is a collection of shortcut buttons to access commonly-used InfoSWMM SA commands. Click here to learn more about the InfoSWMM SA Control Center.
  • Edit Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - This command provides essential editing, operating and creation tools in InfoSWMM SA. See: Edit Menu
  • View Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - The View Menu is used to control how the model looks in the Map View. Labels and thematic mapping can be controlled as well as the visibility of the various windows of the display. See: View Menu
  • Data Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - The key tools to manipulate the InfoSWMM SA database, create and use scenarios and import and export data to InfoSWMM SA all found on this Menu. See: Data Menu
  • Tools Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - This menu contains the basic tools of InfoSWMM SA that allow you to run the simulation and report the results. The basic modeling and analysis tools are incorporated into the Tools Menu. See: Tools Menu
  • Application Menu Items on the InfoSWMM SA Ribbon - Application Menu.
  • The table of contents and legend for the InfoSWMM SA TOC can be find here.
  • The Model Explorer Attribute Tab and Operation Tab

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